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GSM Modem

C3tek's GSM Modem

Send SMS to recipients (Outgoing SMS): SMS Marketing, Customer Care SMS

Receive incoming SMS (Incoming SMS): Statistics event, vote, switchboard receive messages

Make outgoing calls (Outgoing Call): call to numbers like 900, 9194, 9090, ….

Receiving incoming calls (Incoming Call): when a call comes in, it automatically accepts calls (auto incoming calls), after N seconds, auto disconnect incoming calls …

Implementation of USSD commands: like * 101 #, * 102 #, * 098 #, * 0 # …

Access to Menu SIM Toolkit: on multi-function SIM cards such as Vina Eload, Viettel Anypay, Mobi EZ …

Equipment complies with Network standards and regulations. And it is possible to connect multiple COMING devices to form a 16/32/48/64 … .Ports set.

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