– Using the SMTP protocol from Amazon email service providers, sender name registered on Amazon’s trusted list.

– Using of Interspire Software, allowing email marketing sent through Yahoo & Gmail as a provider.

– Fast sending rate, unlimited sending quota.


Our system allow you to create and manage customer lists easily.

– Automatically remove bounced, invalid emails

– Tracking and analytics real time.

– Allow to import and export to .CSV file whenever you want

Create a campaign directy on the system

  • – Chức năng hộ trợ upload file HTML/text từ máy tính hoặc website
  • – Công cụ Editor soạn thảo trực tuyến chuyên nghiệp giúp bạn design theo ý của mình
  • – Cung cấp với hơn 300 mẫu template chuẩn HTML cho bạn thiết kế

Analytics & Report

  • Preview, send test email before sending
  • Scheduling email
  • Tracking and automatically removing bounced emails
  • Real-time report on website (open rate, CTR…)
  • New-features: Integration with Google Analytics to effectively statistic.

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