Mercedes Garmin MAP 2019 SEA

Mercedes Garmin MAP 2019 SEA


At first, I’d like to thank you for choosing buying GARMIN MAP Pilot SD Card from C3TEK.

Do you know that with the latest Mercedes Navigation system, you can use Mercedes Companion app on your iPhone/Android to control your vehicle’s destination, driving history, fuel percentage…

On this page, I will show you steps by steps how to update your GARMIN MAP Card Software and Database.

Secondly you should know that your GARMIN MAP Card is eligible to have free update on navigation software and database for the first 60 days since the day you activated that card on your car. The AudioCD 20 will write your car’s VIN Number into the SD Card hardware on the first time you activate it.

You can learn more about that policies at here :

Regarding the update availability, please

Here how to update the Garmin MAP Pilot 2018/2019 for your region: 

  1. Step 1 : Prepare a Windows Computer with a SD Card Slot or using a SD Card Adapter.

    SD Card Slot

  2. Step 2 : Download the latest Mercedes-Benz Download Manager application at here 
  3. Step 3 : Install the Mercedes-Benz Download Manager into your computer and then open it.
  4. Step 4 : Insert the GARMIN MAP Pilot SD Card that you bought from C3TEK into the SD Card slot of your computer.

Update GARMIN MAP 2019 version 7.0

5. Step 5 : You follow instructions on application : do the backup and start updating. On these steps you will need a stable internet connection to download the latest software and database from server.


Update MAP Pilot 2019 Process

6. Step 6 : After finishing the update, you will see this screen. Then you take the GARMIN MAP Card out of your computer. And insert it into your Mercedes Car to keep using the map.

When you see this screen, It means the update has finish.

If you can do it by yourself with all above steps, It would be great. So you can do the same thing for all updates in the futures.

If you can NOT do, you can contact me via Email, Facebook, Whatsapp… And I will help you to do the update remotely via Teamviewer

Finally, thank you for choosing our products.

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