Nowadays, planning for social media, introducing brand name and product has become essential to business. This field includes Online marketing and Offline marketing. However, it does not mean that every business can afford to build professional marketing staff.

What is all-in package brand marketing management service?

When the business wants to introduce its brand name of the product to consumers, it will need to build for a social media campaign (marketing) including many particular stages and different channels to target on some more customer segmentation. To meet that demand, we will provide a service of marketing management all-in package including all the tasks from consulting channels effectively to suggesting Online and Offline marketing ideas and supporting carry out partly or completely all the ideas on behalf of the business.

What does all-in package brand marketing management service consist of?

Consulting Online and Offline marketing strategy

– By researching market, competitors and understanding customers as well as the product specification, we consult which one is a suitable and effective channel to the budget and the objective of each channel.

– Choosing those strategic, important social media channels which is divided into Online and Offline fields in order to focus on budget and avoid any waste to get a maximized social media effect.

Building an effective Marketing Online plan

– Building a particular social media campaign for each period of introducing that product.

– Attempting to get maximization in those selected channels to increase sale numbers as well as the customers’ following percentage.

  • Making a detailed social media plan.
  • Giving demonstrative messages, using images of business or on some particular channels ( events, FB, website,…).
  • Writing PR introducing products articles on social media channels ( PR on social network or newspaper, radio, TV).
  • Brainstorming ideas to conduct TVC, viral clips,…
  • Controlling introducing Owned Media channels on orientating picture content to convey an effective social media message.
  • Making plan for each particular event.
  • Event marketing is one of the most effective marketing activities.
  • Holding social media events impressive and distinctive from competitors’ to get more attention and change customers’ vision.
  • Making a list of key words on the toolbar of searching on Google or Coc Coc,… to maximize the introduction order.
  • Making some suggestions on designing websites, posters, pictures of brand name or product.

What does all-in package brand marketing management service consist of?

In the situation  which the customer only has a demand to consult with them social media planning or carry out one step or that channel, our company will conduct the marketing plan partly according to customers’ request.

In addition, being able to supervise all the process of doing the idea of social media, support and consult, adjust the script to perfect that marketing plan.
If the customer gives the demand, our company will carry out all the social media in any steps, stages and channels. We also give objectives and results within 3 or 6 months, or 1 year for introducing the brand name. We guarantee the effectiveness of social media in increasing sale number and the number of following customers.
Solving other requests like providing booking short news service, writing newspaper, Internet articles, radio,…

At the moment, C3TEK is one of the top companies to supply all-in package marketing management service. We have professional and experienced marketing staffs who guarantee to do exactly with customers’ request and get quickly the social media effect. Moreover, with friendly and supportive attitude, C3TEK is always available for you to ask any questions.

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