Nowadays, the online gaming industry is growing day by day. More and more people play games on mobile, PC, PlayStations, and Console. And every new game publisher to the market, always wants their game brand to be known by many people.

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Choose which OTT app to send Message?


One of the traditional forms of marketing is Sending SMS to friends & relatives. However, the fact that OTT apps like MoMo, Mocha, Facebook Messenger, Zalo… have the ability to send messages with pictures to make sending messages easier.
So, when you need to convey a message to a friend, should you send the message via Momo, Mocha, or Messenger, Zalo or SMS?

C3TEK Smart Message Service

  • C3TEK, We built a system to detect (recognize) 1 phone number registered for MOMO account, not MOCHA, Zalo yet, Messenger not (can be interrupted from time to time).
  • Then, C3TEK will prioritize sending messages to that user via those OTT apps. If the user has already read the message, there is no need to send the message to that user on another platform.
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    The order of priority when sending Smart Message

  • You can completely set the priority order sending messages on demand, campaign
  • The common order of sending Smart Messages is usually MOMO \ MOCHA \ Viber \ Zalo \ Messenger \ SMS
  • In case one OTT channel is not available, the system will prioritize skipping to the next message solution.
  • Channel last backup SMS messages purely existed for years.

New Solutions & Digital Marketing

  • From studying the market, competitors. And the understanding of customers as well as the characteristics of that online game. C3TEK is committed to consulting effective marketing solutions for online games in each moment, each channel.
  • In addition to traditional telecommunications marketing such as SMS, C3TEK is also ready to integrate more multi-channel marketing package solutions such as Email Marketing, Telesale or Facebook Ads / Google Ads.
  • With a number of partners willing to collaborate strategically, C3TEK offers WIN-WIN collaboration. Accordingly, C3TEK will spend costs, personnel, system platform to market the game, as well as a scratch card processing system for games.


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