Mercedes MAP 2018/2019 NTG 4.5 v11 for SouthEast Asia

If you are driving a Mercedes vehicles which model code is W117, W156, W166, W172, W176, W204, W207, W212, W218, W231, W242, W246, It means your car is equipped with DVD COMAND Online NTG 4.5 

You can search your car model with manufactured year as following:

#–CLASS Manufactured Year Model
CLA–Class 2014 – 2017 C117
GLA–Class 2014 – present W156
M–Class 2011 – 2019 W166
SLK–Class 2011 – present W172
A–Class 2014 – 2018 W176
C–CLASS  2007 – 2014 W204
E–Class 2010 – 2017 W207
E–CLASS  2009 – 2016 W212
CLS–Class 2011 – 2018 W218
SL–Class 2013 – present R231
B–Class 2016 – present W242
B–Class 2012 – 2018 W246

The difference between DVD COMAND Online Head Unit:

DVD COMAND Online NTG 4.5 on GL400

Update MAP COMAND Online NTG 4.5

On December 17, 2018 Mercedes has release new MAP update for any vehicles which equipped with DVD COMAND Online NTG 4.5 in SouthEast Asia.

  • Map version: 11.0
  • Map region: SouthEast Asia
  • Dung lượng: ~ 4 GB

The steps how to do the update, you can learn more at:

The update process can be done remotely by C3TEK support team. We will login your computer via Teamviewer to setup the MAP for you. At the same time we send an email with Activation Code to you so that you can look up in the future.

Please watch the following video to see how It’s done

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