We provide solutions to exchange Vietnam telco scratch cards into cash

Basically there are 2 different kinds of Games Publishers in Vietnam: 

  1. You make a great free games & there are banners for advertising. .
  2. You make a great game, no advertising and then :
  • Or you sell in-game digital items for gamers
  • Or gamers need to purchase in-app credit to continue playing. Here you offer many options for gamers to purchase in-app credits.

A great game that gamer are playing with equipped items.

C3TEK provides solutions for Game Publishers to add in-game mobile topup.

How to exchange Vietnam telco scratch cards to cash? 

Here are the steps to integrate: 
  • Step 1: C3TEK & Game Publishers deal the fees and then connect 2 systems via APIs. ( request, respond, callback… )
  • Step 2: When gamers are playing, they have options to purchase the in-game credits. There will be available options as following:
    • Gamer submit the Vietnam telco scratch cards such as Viettel, Mobi, Vina, Vietnamobile, Zing, Garena, Gate into the game.
    • That cards will be sent to C3TEK system for loading.
    • C3TEK load the scratch card in few seconds.
    • Then C3TEK send the card’s result via callback to the Game Publisher’s server.
  • Step 3: Game Publisher add credit to gamer account.
Current supported scratch cards: Viettel; Mobifone, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile, Zing, Gate, Garena. 
Our features
  • Multi languages supported: Vietnamese/ English/ Chinese
  • Servers with up-time percentage commitment to 99.99% .
  • Our support team work 24 hours per day x 365 days per year. 
  • All your needs are APIs supported: If you want to do anything, we always have API for you to request. ..
  • Customized system for per Game Publisher: If you have any requests, please feed free to ask. We are here to serve. 
  • Our system support to check invalid cards in Telegram automatically.
How to work together? 
  1. If you are a big Game Publisher with lots of end-users: we are willing to deposit in advance.
  2. If you are a new Game Publisher with few end-users only: we can pay you daily, weekly or monthly.
  3. The fees for each telco is competitive on market.

Especially we can transfer the payment to your bank account anytim 24/7

C3TEK, Thank you for your reading. . (Our contact is as following

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