MAP MERCEDES SA506 - C3TEK Solutions - Map SD CARD C-Class 2019

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On February 21, Mercedes has officially launched the latest Vietnam C-Class 2019 version with a series of New Innovations for 3 versions with 3 Model: MERCEDES C200, C200 EXCLUSIVE and C300 AMG.


FACELIFT SCREEN is equipped for C300 AMG and C200 Exclusive Model

The SCREEN of  C200-2019 is similar to the Previous Audio20 but the bottom is designed thinner to create lightness, sophistication.

Currently, #C3TEK is providing Mercedes Car Map Solution for those Bản đồ xe Mercedes: MAP SD Card 2019 for SouthEast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia… ) 

Map SD CARD is used for Mercedes cars equipped with the head of NTG5.5 Audio 20 Head Unit Comand (SA Code code is 506). Include the following models:

               Dòng xe  Model
C-Class W205
E-Class W213



  • Can only be used for 1 car.
  • Plug and Play (Insert the Card into the card slot SD card in the armest and Active as Instructions)
  • This is Genuine MAP SD Card of MERCEDES FACTORY.
  • MAP 2019 with the latest Version.
  • 1 year Warranty (1 replace within 365 days).
  • There is C3TEK Warranty stamp attached.
  • Support Update Software via Teamviewer romotely.